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Zesco company was registered in 2010 by a group of experts and inventors in order to realize great goals and implement the ideas and technical experiences of this group in the form of special shares.

Years before the registration of the company, each member of the group achieved success with their tireless efforts in the field of industry and in the field of ecology, zoology, which was the result of their love for work and their thirst to learn this science. The design of ultrasonic and sonic devices to control the damage caused by vermin and insects, birds and pest control were among these successes, which made the mentality of continuing to work in the form of the company to be realized.

Entering the market as a company made us realize that achieving success in today's world despite fierce competition requires the use of new sciences. Changing consumer behavior patterns, fundamental changes in the supply and demand system, and most importantly, the emergence of the World Trade Organization, have caused traditional methods to give way to new work formulas.

Participating in international seminars and supplementary training courses made us realize the wrong attitudes and methods in the field of preventing damage caused by the presence of animals, birds and destructive insects in the industry and agriculture of our country. Let's open our borders and thus become the biggest importer of this product in our country and neighboring countries so that maybe we can reduce the worries of artisans, farmers and all the people who are somehow involved in this big problem.


We, managers and employees of Zesco Group, know that our knowledge is limited and we know well that we should know more.

* We know that the quality of people's lives will not change unless they read a book, receive training in a class, or establish a relationship with someone. (NLP triangle)
* We try to communicate with the customer better every day and find a newer way to meet his needs in order to get closer to the goals of our group.
* Having a suitable work environment is necessary to achieve these goals. Therefore, the managers of the group are constantly trying to raise the qualitative and quantitative level of this environment.
Customer orientation and respect for users' rights along with maintaining work quality is the main focus of this group's work, and according to this principle, Zesco Group is the only importer of ultrasonic devices in the country, which refunds the amount paid by its customers within 30 days in case of dissatisfaction. Guaranteed without any questions. It is clear that this issue shows our trust in the services provided, which has been obtained in the shadow of the trust of the valuable customers of this company.

Hoping to be more satisfied with the services of this group.

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